Programs & events

Upcoming program

USC Dedeaux Clinic 2023

We’ve entered a five-year partnership with USC to provide sports education to youth in an all-day intensive training and fun experience. 

Since our first clinic in 2019, we’ve given thousands of young people the chance to learn the basics of catching, hitting, running, communication, and fair play. We’re proud to announce that this year we will continue with our annual glove giveaway, where we pass out a thousand gloves to those attending.

Recent event

Battle of the Badges

Inspired to honor the life of a fallen officer, Battle of Badges is an annual event where public service employees come out and to compete in sports activities, inspire youth, and have good ol’ fashioned fun. 

This special event gives the community a chance to see the people who protect and serve them in a different light, opening the floor to more trust and better dialogue. 

Returning soon

National Friendlies & High School Combines

We’ve traveled all over the world to play baseball and encourage camaraderie and sportsmanship.