Educational Sports Institute has

Served Over 18,000 students and players to date


Experienced | Willing | Dedicated

Educational Sports Institute (ESI) is a nonprofit organization working to teach youth and community members the power behind sportsmanship, camaraderie, and character development. We implement the teachings from renowned philosophers, coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs to craft a holistic approach to not only becoming a better player, but a better person. A more well-rounded, goal-oriented, and driven individual. With our programs, coaching, and instructional aid, we’ve successfully transformed thousands of students, once without proper direction and flow, into new rising stars ready to pass on the torch, only after just recently learning to hold it themselves. Our techniques and strategies help guide our students by first meeting them halfway, showing them how much more there is, and training them with our proven methods so that they reach this more, and beyond.


Educate | Train | Inspire

We provide sports training and coaching, educational assistance, sports media training, and career and personal development facilitation. Our first and most simple yet essential goal with every student is to teach them how to catch, throw, and hit a ball.

Once the basics of hand-eye coordination have been nurtured, transferring the practical skills of developing intelligence in academics is more attainable. This is because, in teaching someone how to move their body, you ensue confidence in that person. And that’s what we do: build unshakable confidence.


Games | Clinics | Field Trips

We coach high school baseball at Dominguez High in Compton, CA where we also provide monthly sports clinics and combines. 

We often travel with our students to neighboring schools for games, community services opportunities, and career development guidance. 

together, we can


Interviews | Games | Recaps

We come across a lot of talent in our work and like to share it with the rest of the world. 

Here’s a quick snippet of Franky Lopez, a senior at Dominguez High School, speaking about his experience in our program.