About us


A Community-Based Organization

Don Buford Educational Sports Institute is a community based Non-Profit organization based in Compton, Ca. since 2015. Since our inception we have worked with over 20 schools and organizations, from the Boys and Girls Club, Imperial Courts, Ramona Gardens, Harvard Park, St Lawerence of Brindisi Catholic School, Southeast Police Department, Compton Police Department, HACLA, Baldwin Hills Special Needs Program, USC Dedeaux Foundation and a 6 year relationship with Compton Unified School District. In all we have worked with over 15 thousand students teaching baseball/softball along with life skills, social fluency and TV Video Broadcasting.


We Shape Character

Our mission is: to assist our members to reach their full academic and athletic potential by providing a secure and supportive environment.  This new stable environment is where they can develop the necessary skills to perform at their highest possible levels on and off the field.  ESI is a non-profit organization committed to the revival of inner-city communities.  As an organization we will seek out and partner with other private and public organizations, institutions and businesses that share our vision.  At ESI we believe that change and awareness can only happen through education.  Moreover, we will use athletics as a vessel to help our members reach secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. 

Greatness is Courage, Integrity, Vision, Understanding, Articulation, and Profundity of Character.
- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our Vision

Brilliance In All

The vision of Educational Sports Institute is to teach youth to improve the quality of their character through sports. Playing sports means children are expected to follow rules, accept decisions and understand that they could be penalized for bad behavior. It teaches them to take directions from the coach, referees, and other adults.Helping children and youth to become educated and goal-oriented members of society can encourage future generations to do the same.  Our vision is simple: educate the youth, change the community.


Don Buford

Doug Takagawara

Doug Allen

George Hinshaw

Along with help from:

Garry Templeton , Hubie Brooks, Darrell Jackson, Derrel Thomas, Vic Harris, Jeff Shimizu, Bob Okada, Kelly Proctor, Charles Jackson, Carl Nichols, Dayle Campbell, Reggie Foley, Dick Davis , JR Redmond, Murphy Sua, Roger Hill , Dr. Robert Adams , Teddy McMillan, Dr. Linda Moore, Dr. Sunny Campbell, Dr. Collette Frayne, Mike Oxley, Freddie Tisdale, Justin Marzett, Venice Murray, Steve Smith, Cedric Bogan, Chay Robinson, Ken Jaffe, Dave Uyeshima, Vic Orona, Jim Campanis, Mark Silva, Kendrick Wallace