5 Ways to Improve Your Pitching Skills for Beginners

Being able to throw a baseball with pinpoint accuracy takes time, effort, and a lot of ice packs on your shoulders.

It’s not easy.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 3 of best ways for beginners to improve their pitching skills and take their throwing game to the next level.

1. Stride Control

When learning to improve your pitching, one key element of throwing you’re going to want to focus on is your stride control.

The longer the stride, the harder it is to throw hard and control the pitch. The more compact the stride, the more control you have to the location you want to throw the ball. 

2. Zero In

There are three aspects of throwing most of us know about: accuracy, velocity, and precision.

Effectively improve these three categories will ultimately improve your pitching.

Below are a few methods that will help you improve in each of the three categories.

Accuracy: 1) Focus on a smaller target –



3. Use Resistance Bands

Another great way to improve your pitching is to use resistance bands to strengthen your throwing muscles. Primarily, these muscles are your arm, hand and wrist, shoulder, and back muscles.

J-Bands are a great tool for this. Not only will they help you become stronger, but they’ll also help you loosen your muscles up. Something all pitchers know is a huge factor in their game.

Check out this video here to get an idea of how to use the J-Band. It’ll teach you some exercises you can implement that’ll get your strengthening on the right track.

4. Conditioning

Conditioning your body is a an essential aspect of any athletes career. While its important to at the very least get some form of exercise daily, athletes, and more notably, pitchers; should get in the routine of daily minimal to intensive exercise.

This is because conditioning keeps your muscles active and alert. It also preps you mentally, so that you are aware of your body’s limitations, and of recent occasions when you were able to push past those limitations.

5. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

. As with most things, when it comes to improving your pitching, repetition is key.

And, its easier than you think.

Once you’ve begun strengthening your arm, and have acquired the ability to zero in on a target in delivery your pitch directly to it, the next step is to be consciously aware of all of the mechanics your body is putting into your throw, and repeat that cycle over and over.


Improving your pitching might seem a bit daunting at first if you’ve been used to throwing poorly for a long time; however, with the 5 techniques listed, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top notch pitcher in no time flat.