Dominguez High School’s Francisco Lopez: An All-Around Talent

Francisco Lana Lopez, Franky, for short, is an 18-year-old senior at Dominguez High School in Compton, California. He plays for the school’s baseball team, acting as the team’s leader.

Off-bat, what stands out about Franky is that he’s able to play all nine positions on the field. Makes sense, having played the game since the age of three. When he was younger, he used to visit family in Mexico and play baseball with them. His love for the game carried over into his middle and high school careers, and allowed him to experience a number of different teams and positions.

He previously attended Warren High School in Downey; however, he decided to transfer to Dominguez instead, and has high regards for doing so.

“I’m usually from Compton. Coming back to play for Dominguez has been the best thing ever. I get to represent where I’m from. People can count on me and I’m good with that.”

Although he can play all nine positions, and his coaches agree, Franky mainly sits behind home-plate and on pitching mound. He favors catching, saying, “It’s the most challenging, but I feel like I have the most control with this position.

His coaches, Don Buford, Doug Takawargarwa, Doug Allen, and George Henshaw, all regard him as an amazing baseball player. “He has real potential to go pro. As long as he stays focused and remembers to give about 80-90% — because people lose accuracy breaking themselves at 100% — then he’s going to go on to be great,” Doug Allen said.

After High School, Franky plans to attend a 4-year university and major in kinesiology, though he primarily has his sights on going pro. “Hopefully I’m going pro.That’s the best thing for me,” he states.

In coming days, he will be attending practices and clinics put together by Don Buford Educational Sports Institute (ESI), as well as playing in games at Dominguez.

Be sure to watch out for Franky Lopez, Dominguez High School’s All-Around Baseball Talent.